About She Evolves


What can I tell you about me? My past life was in careers advice and I have for as long as I can remember loved working with people. I love making new connections and building relationships. I am at my professional best when I am coaching people like you to realise your true potential, getting your inner critic under control to create a business and life you desire and deserve.

At home I’m at my best when I am surrounded by my three fabulously exhausting children, my gorgeous husband and wonderful family and friends.  I can’t forget our three four-legged fur dependents Winnie, Tilly (the dogs) and Jackson (the cat).

At times in my life my mindset has stopped me achieving my full potential, has held me back, made me hesitant in making vital decisions. Over time I have made peace with fear, anxiety and the negative people who come my way.  I choose how to feel and how I am affected.  I’ve built up my resilience and love to explore beyond my comfort zone.  That’s where the good stuff happens.

If you let your mindset hold you back, lets break you free and put you back in control.  The time is now!


THE vision

Our vision is to be recognised for our commitment helping women in business to grow successful, profitable businesses through coaching and professional development.

Harnessing ways to realise and fulfill personal and professional potential; to overcome fear, limiting self belief and embrace challenges without procrastinating. She Evolves values are born from a desire to deliver our service with absolute integrity and passion for pursuing best practice and creating an environment which is safe and confidential for you to be the real version of you.


You can be confident that every person who is in contact with She Evolves is treated fairly, without bias or judgement.


We will not assume to know your situation or challenges you face. Instead we will coach you through questions to aid you in reaching your own conclusion, over and above trying to provide you with a solution.


We will work collaboratively with you to support you to achieve your goals. We will never with hold information that can facilitate your progress even if that means working alongside another professional to get you there.


We will remain true to our values, encourage trust, honesty and respect for one another.


We will create an environment where you can experience deep transformational change and an opportunity to pause, stop, reflect and learn.


We are dedicated to helping you identify with your strengths and playing to them. We will give you courage to be braver and stretch your goals.

“Your words control your life, your progress, your results, even your mental and physical health. You cannot talk like a failure and expect to be successful.”

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