Join an amazing group of women in business in the She Evolves group coaching program

A dedicated support group helping you excel in your business or profession

Does this sound like you?
  • Are you like many other women running a business finding working for yourself lonely and at times uninspiring?

  • Do you plan to plan, but then procrastinate?

  • Do you try to organise your day/week/month but then find you are time poor?

  • Is your business turning out as intended or are you struggling to keep it on track?

  • Is your business where you intended it to be when you planned it this time last year? How much is this costing you in time, energy and resources to not keep to your plans?

  • Are you setting some big goals for the year ahead and desperately need to keep on track?

Are you ready to do something different?

What would it mean to you to have the support a group of women who have your back, who can motivate and encourage you in not only setting your business goals but ensuring they remain in line with your life goals! Who can also hold you accountable to the actions you say you are going to take?

I’m offering you the chance to take three and a half hours out a month to connect with possibly some of the most insightful women you can meet.  Who understand what you are faced with and are with you every step of the way helping you get your thoughts in order.   This amazing group of women will hold each other accountable for the actions and goals you each set.  No more excuses to go off track.

I speak with too many women who worry unnecessarily about their business, avoiding doing the things they need to through fear, anxiety -and lack of self-belief.   Don't be one of them.

You and every woman on the She Evolves Group Coaching Program will be coached during one of our three virtual meet ups as well as being provided with a 60 minute one to one coaching session each month via zoom to build on what was brought up in the virtual meeting.

You see, there really isn’t any excuse for you not to move forward with your plans this year.

Still not sure?

What are the benefits?

  • You will overcome one or many of the block’s women face in business such as

  • pricing your goods or services
  • prioritising tasks/activities
  • leveraging your time between work and family
  • getting out of the procrastination trap
  • overcoming self-limiting beliefs
  • fear of rejection
  • reaching customers
  • continuity of work
  • lack of motivation
  • lack of confidence
  • staff relations
  • taking on and managing new staff
  • You will be dedicating at least 3 hours a month working ON your business.

  • You will get clear and focused on the actions you need to take to move forward with your business/career goals.

  • You will overcome much procrastination and be held accountable for getting things done that benefit you in ways you need them too.

  • You will make progress and achieve more through the support and encouragement of the other women in the group

  • You will increase your confidence and self-belief as you realise many of the challenges you face are universal.

  • You will learn more about yourself and what you are capable of.

  • You will dare to push your boundaries because you have the safety of the group to help and encourage you

  • You will share experiences and learn from others in the group how they overcome setbacks or found something that really benefitted them in business and pass this information on.

  • You will benefit from an additional 60 minutes 1:1 with Vicky to follow on from the coaching started in the group meeting

All these benefits for just £150pm

How does this sound to you? Like you want to sign up!

Or if you are still not sure please book a call and I will be happy to answer any of your questions that you may have