Thinking for yourself or everyone else?

Women business owners wear a host of hats. Always running from one task to another. It’s a good job breathing comes naturally, else we would be in a pickle.

But when do you stop and take some time to get your thoughts in order?

Your brain is a 24 hour superhighway, constant and noisy! When you try to focus your attention for anything meaningful you are faced with brain fog! Thoughts pop in to your head and pop out again just as quick.

You have great ideas on how your business is going to look in a few months time; the same ideas you had a few months back. Why haven’t you done anything with those ideas? Because you keep getting side tracked with everyday stuff, that’s why. Before you know it another week has gone by, another month. Arghh! You tell yourself, you need to do the ‘thing’, if I don’t, I won’t turnover the money I want this year or free up any time I desperately need. Maybe that’s it. Your plans will make you busier in the short term and that is going to take up more time. “Where’s the use in that”, I hear you say! “God, I’m going round in circles. I can’t think straight. Oh damn it, just keep doing what I’m doing it will be alright”. You keep telling yourself that!

By now you are a master procrastinator! A never ending cycle of shoulda, woulda, coulda!

The good news is, it doesn’t have to continue like this. If you want to break the cycle, you need to SLOW YOUR BRAIN DOWN. Dedicate sometime in your week or month to STOP! BREATH!

Dedicate yourself some time and space to bring your ideas/ issues/challenges to the table. Speak them out. When we hear ourselves out loud, something configures and our thoughts become more logical and beautiful things happen.

Actions we need to take come clear. When this happens your motivation peaks to another level. You become excited by the revelation which spreads and great things start happening to you and your business. Your confidence shoots up and your belief in being successful in this game of life is compelling.

Do you have a superhighway in your brain blocking your thoughts? Y or N

Do you set plans, then have to reset the same plans and then reset the same plans? (the repetition is on purpose lol! you get my point!) Y or N

Have you become a master procrastinator? Y or N

Do you lack confidence and lack belief in your amazing self? (Yes you are amazing!) Y or N

Do you need to be held accountable so you actually do what needs doing, to keep you on track? Y or N

Do you want to be listened to and be heard by someone who reserves judgement and encourages you to reach your own conclusions? Y or N

If you answered yes to one or yes to many of the above, then consider what it is already costing you by not taking control.

Get control back!

I’ll give you 20 mins of my time for free. If you can’t see the benefits from working with me, no bother, it’s cost you nothing to find out!

Message me on with your name and number and I’ll arrange to call you at a time to suit.

You can make this happen! Start writing your new chapter now.