Why women and not men they ask?

I am often asked why my business supports women, when men also benefit from business development support.

Well, equality is a very pertinent value of mine and regardless of social diversity within our communities and my deep regard for treating all people fairly and as equals, women are still undervalued and underrepresented in society and in the world of work.

2018 saw the 100th Anniversary of the suffragette movement. 100 years people!!

Yet sadly, women’s inequality still exists and proves there is a long way to go. For example, Business Advice researchers have found that ‘a man is still twice as likely as a woman to start a business. Of those women who are running a small enterprise, they are less likely to receive investment than male run firms, despite more profitable businesses!’

Nonetheless, female founders are rapidly narrowing the ‘enterprise gap’

So, what are some of the challenges our women are facing in business today?

Managing stereo types – the unheard expectation of a man asking to speak with the owner, to his surprise is then faced with a women as the owner. Women who have experienced this know exactly what I mean.

Women need to work on building resilience as we have a tendency to take knock backs personally which can have a heavy impact on sustaining a thriving business.

Women often have feelings of never being good enough which stops them from wanting to seize the day and take the plunge into more senior positions or to become an entrepreneur.

Women struggle with deep feelings of guilt between balancing family and business life. Ultimately, it is these feelings that drive women to start their own businesses, to work around their children. But in the throws of it all may lack some confidence in business and still struggle to manage their time effectively and guilt creeps in again.

There are also feelings of guilt born from outside influences from older relatives whom hold more traditional values to 21st century women in that women are the primary care provider for the children and the attitudes to work are of a level value.

Top tips…

  1. Stay true to you and your values
  2. Planning and preparation are key
  3. Remember that working on your business is as crucially important to working in it.
  4. Build your resilience and learn to take the rough with the smooth. Nothing is ever personal in business.
  5. Believe in yourself!
  6. Do NOT compare yourself or your achievements to anyone other than you!
  7. Acknowledge and celebrate your achievements often.
  8. Invest in your own personal and professional development. Keep the top of your game.
  9. Know your strengths and play to them.
  10. Never struggle on alone! There are so many women who experience similar things. Find them, connect and get talking.

If you are a women in business and are faced with challenges in your work, please get in touch and message me now on vicky@she-evolves.co.uk