Why women in their first year of business should consider a group coaching program

You’ve been running your own business for a year or so now. You’ve signed up for and completed many courses because there are aspects of business you feel less confident in or lack the know-how. 

Yet you still can’t quiet get the business to take off. You are still feeling like you are wading through treacle. Throwing mud at the wall hoping this time it sticks.

Some days you feel like you’ve got this! Other days you feel like everything is a jumbled mess and you’ve no idea where to start.

You are trying this thing, then that. Doing the things you feel confident in, whilst the to-do list grows through procrastination and you start to feel overwhelm and some days like giving up.

You think other people in your situation can do this, what’s wrong with me? Why am I finding this so hard?

What if you could be a part of a small intimate group of women who absolutely know how you feel? Who have been in your shoes and come out the other side?

Women only coaching groups could be the answer for you?

  1. Group coaching is not a new concept. It has been proven to be very powerful in unlocking individuals blocks through the support, motivation and encouragement of the group. Participants benefit from both observing, as well as direct engagement. Peer support is organic with direct input and facilitation from the groups coach.
  2. You move from a feeling of isolation and like the only person to find this journey a slog, to knowing there is light at the end. You find this through the sharing of stories amongst the women in the group.
  3. Groups are more than just drinks and chit chat. They are coach led to ensure everyone gets their challenges voiced and coached on. Values of the groups are set in the beginning and include leaving judgements at the door.
  4. The group is your chance to share what is really happening in your business, the good, the bad and the ugly. You can’t always talk about this with friends and family and if you do, they probably feel the need to give you advice because they want to help. But do they really know what you should be doing? The women in your coaching group will have experience in your challenges and can give valuable support and exchange of information.
  5. It is likely that you will meet women from outside your usual circles which creates the opportunity to form new relationships and grow your sphere of contacts.
  6. Overcome challenges month on month and enjoy sharing with the group how it felt to get a handle on it, to get it off your to-do list. Completed something you felt was impossible because little old you didn’t believe you could do it! Celebrate all these successes in the group. Every step you wouldn’t have done outside of this group, however big or small is to be celebrated.
  7. Group coaching is you benefiting from the expertise and encouragement from a group of likeminded women whilst you openly brainstorm a way forward from where you are now, to where you want your business to get.
  8. Groups are affordable and you can usually pay as you go if you’d prefer so they are easier to budget for.

I am Vicky Limb. My business is She-Evolves Business and Mindset Coach for Women. I help women like you with a small business earn more money through working smarter, not harder. Generate income, not grow your to-do list and I run women only coaching groups in Lincolnshire.

Message me now to book onto a group near you. Groups starting in February.