You are not alone!

You think that all the other women you know in business are naturals at it. They must be right? They are always well presented. Give great advice. Ooze confidence, especially when it comes to explaining what they do. They speak at gigs, run workshops, do online videos, webinars and make it look so easy. How on Gods earth am I supposed to compete with that.

Here’s what you don’t know.

These women have had there own demons to deal with. Business has not always been a walk in the park and they too started somewhere. They still battle with the voice inside their head, but have developed ways of controlling it. They are now practiced in having a ‘growth mindset’ and said good bye to a fixed one.

Not all successful business women are extroverts. In fact many are introverts and have had to work really hard on themselves to achieve what they have. Most women will not have become successful in isolation. They have mixed with other successful women, asked questions, taken risks, failed more than once and learnt something new every time.

The women you see chose to be successful on purpose. It has taken blood, sweat and probably a lot of tears. In the hard times, they have been coached, mentored or consulted to help them keep their shit together. Some will have had this support a very long time. It keeps them focused on the goal and highly motivated.

So never believe you can’t achieve great things in life. Most hurdles can be overcome with the right mindset and support. If these women kept the same mindset you are in now, they would not be the envy of all their peers.

What do you want to be envied for?